Sorry this post is long and rambly, I wanted to have a solid post that explained why I’m here and what I want to accomplish by being on this platform.

This month I’ve really dedicated myself to pursuing what I’m passionate about. I found a 365 Happy planner sale at Michaels and bought a ton of supplies, so now my life can be organized and adorable at all times! One of the first things I penciled in was a new budget system and a blog calendar.

Something that is really important to me is that I work on creating something every day. It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to know that I can make the things I want appear if I just work hard enough. While this slogan can’t be applied to everything (there is no way I could ever build my own car guys), it is an idea I want to make pervasive in my life.

Whether this is creating a piece of writing or a physical item doesn’t matter. It could even just include baking! No matter what, though, I want to be a productive individual.

Moving from college life, where my time was always focused on finishing assignments and then moving on to the next big project, and then onto adult “professional” life has been a weird transition for me. I’m so used to being focused on school and clubs and other extraneous things, that I haven’t had time to do something that really just made me happy in over six years. It’s a weird feeling. I find I suddenly have time and energy to do so much more than is required of me.

At work I feel very underwhelmed by everything. My job is not what I want it to be, and I don’t feel like I’m contributing to anything other than people’s paychecks, and it simply isn’t satisfying, so I feel like I need to find that satisfaction and happiness that work used to give me elsewhere. (This is nothing against my place of employment, they’re all great people and the work is much appreciated.)

I think I’ve found that missing purpose in pursuing all of the things I’ve always dreamed of doing.

I’m a big dreamer. I like to think about all the things I could do like open an Etsy store, make a YouTube series, run a blog, etc., and then I never actually do them. They’ve all just been this long list of ambitions for years, and I’m ready for that to change.

So, my month early, New Year’s resolution: Make something every day that makes me happy.


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