Homemade Advent Calendar

snapchat-1676486913Christmas is coming. I’m so excited for it this year. I went through a long phase where Christmas wasn’t an exciting time for me. I don’t want to get into the thick of it here on this blog, but I think I’ve found the solution this year, because I am in a more Christmas-y spirit than ever before! The solution? Making for others!

Gift shopping has never been a strong suit for me. It stresses me out, can be disappointing, and seems meaningless on the actual day of the gift giving. I want gifts I give to be meaningful and to hold some-sort of meaning for me to give. To me, that means building it with my own two hands! I don’t mind spending waaaay to much money on craft supplies because I know that the end result will make me and them happy!

My biggest and most exciting project this year is: the advent calendar!

While I’m obviously wayyyyyy late to do a complete 25 day advent calendar, I decided to do a 12 days of Christmas calendar for my friends and family.


These are only for the girls, simply because it’s so much easier to find 12 cool things to make for them. My girl friends who live in town will be getting the calendars as countdowns to Christmas, while my sister and mother, devout Catholics, will be getting them as proper 12 Days of Christmas gifts.


So what is in the calendars you ask? Well, let me tell you!

Day 1: Lip Scrub

Day 2: Leather Tassel

Day 3: Peppermint Bathbombs

Day 4: A personalized cross stitch

Day 5: Aromatherapy Eucalyptus shower tablets

Day 6: Reusable Hot mug cozy

Day 7: Green Tea Bathbombs

Day 8: Drink Mixes

Day 9: Leather Cord keeper

Day 10: Fuzzy Socks

Day 11: Citrus & Mint Bathbombs

Day 12: Nail art stickers


My goal was to make it a fun mix of daily use items and relaxation kits. Here are a few shots I have of the making process:


Leather headphone/cord keeper


Peppermint bathbombs




Personalized Cross Stitches (and socks/nail stickers)




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