New craft: Leather Apron

Wahh! I need to stay more on top of this blog! I’ve been meaning to keep it up to date with my projects and crafts that I’ve undertaken recently, but I get so wrapped up in creating that I forget to write about it! Haha, Ok, let’s recap then.


Over Thanksgiving, I finished my first large scale leather project. My father, master wood craftsman (in my opinion), was promised a Christmas gift of leather last year, and I’ve only just finished it (oops…). For a while he was bouncing between a quiver and a log carrier. Those are two very different skill and price levels! So I just waited until we thought of something more within my capabilities, and finally came up with an apron! It is for wood working, and while yes, a leather apron is probably overkill, It was an awesome project!

IMG_20161127_134332.jpgHe wanted a piece that kept the dust and flying wood chunks off his clothes, but still be safe and easy to take off and on. This meant he didn’t want any pockets, pouches, or front straps. So a sleek and easy design it was!

I went to the nearest Tandy Leather supply to pick up my first large chunck of leather and was delighted to find out they were having their once a year wholesale prices! So I got a half hide of dark burgundy, chrome tanned utility leather. I’d say it’s about 4 to 5 ounces. It was my first time in a true leather shop, so seeing all the cuts, getting to examine them and find the one that was best for me was a very exciting moment for me.


I completed the apron with fake sinew, silver rivets, and parachute buckles from Jo-Anns. All in all, I think it came out alright. There is a lot I would have done differently and a lot of areas I would like to improve in, but I think that’s part of learning any new craft, so I’m satisfied for now.


There are a few finishing touches I need to add when I go home next (likely for Christmas), but otherwise, it is complete.


Here is the man himself in his new apron!



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